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Flu Vaccination

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Flu Vaccination

Getting the flu vaccine each year before flu season starts is a smart way to avoid getting the flu. Avoid the miserable runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and awful body aches this year, and get the flu vaccination, you won’t regret it!

And at Pond Pharmacy, we’re here to help you get prepared for the flu season. We also have everything you need for those winter ailments and illnesses. Visit Pond Pharmacy in Chislehurst for Flu Vaccinations Services also serving areas, Bromley, and Mottingham.

Take the simple step to protect yourself and your loved ones this flu season.

We offer the flu vaccine, in-store, for everyone over 12 years old. If you’re pregnant, 50 or older, or have a medical condition, catching the flu can lead to complications. For this reason, at Pond Pharmacy our Flu Vaccinations services in areas Bromley, Mottingham, and Chislehurst are offered FREE of charge (funded by the NHS) to high-risk individuals.

Why Should I Get the Flu Vaccination?

The flu jab is proven to prevent the flu and reduces the severity and duration of illness if you do get the flu. Flu can mean a few days of feeling bad and missing work or it can result in more serious complications such as ear infections, bacterial pneumonia, and worsening of chronic medical conditions. The flu jab benefits far outweigh the risk of getting the flu if you don’t get the flu vaccine.

Are you prepared for flu season?

Protect yourself and your loved ones from serious complications from the flu this winter.

Benefits of the Flu Vaccination

  • Proven protection against flu
  • You will be protected from this year’s strain of flu
  • If you get the flu after receiving the flu vaccine, the severity of your symptoms will be reduced
  • It protects those around you who may not be able to get the flu jab
  • It reduces the risk of serious complications for those who are more prone to catching flu.

How Much Does the Flu Vaccine Cost?

If you are not eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination, you can still protect yourself with a flu vaccine for just £16.99.

Visit Pond Pharmacy for flu treatment and Flu Vaccinations Services in Chislehurst, serving areas Mottingham, and Bromley. We are here to help you stay flu-free this winter season!

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