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What Documentation Should You Bring to Your Travel Clinic Appointment?

What Documentation Should You Bring to Your Travel Clinic Appointment

Planning a trip abroad?

Being well-prepared is crucial, and going to a travel clinic is necessary before you embark on your trip. This article is a detailed guide on the documents you need to bring to your visit to the travel clinic.

Let’s begin!

Medical Records

Your medical history is a crucial component of your foreign trip preparations. When you visit the travel clinic, bring a copy of your medical records, especially if you have any underlying health issues or chronic illnesses.

Your travel clinic will be able to use this information to determine your risk of contracting particular diseases and make recommendations as a result. Bring a list of any allergies you may have and any prescriptions or medications you are presently taking.

Information about the destination

The travel clinic will determine the type of medications and vaccines that must be administered based on your planned destinations and activities.

Vaccination Records

Bring your vaccination certificates to your appointment if you’ve had any vaccines. Your travel clinic will be able to use this information to assess which vaccinations you may still need and which ones you have already had.

Information on Insurance

Remember to bring your insurance card and any required paperwork at your appointment with the travel clinic. Your travel clinic can assist you in figuring out whether your insurance will pay for any shots or medications you require for your trip.

Health Questionnaire for Travellers

Most travel clinics demand that you complete a health questionnaire before the consultation. This questionnaire will ask about your travel plans, medical history, and any medications you’re currently taking. Complete this questionnaire thoroughly and bring it with you to your appointment.

Key Takeaway

Packing your bags is only one part of preparing for an international trip. To guarantee that you obtain the vaccinations and prescriptions required for a safe and healthy vacation, it is crucial to acquire all the required paperwork before you consult with the travel clinic.

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