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How Does a Travel Clinic Protect You During Your Travels?

How Does a Travel Clinic Protect You During Your Travels

As a recently emerged field of practice, travel medicine is concerned with ensuring travellers’ health is well cared for and trips and all tours result in healthier and happier human beings.

Travel medicine focuses more on preventing disease and injury than administering cures to the sick.

Why Are Travel Clinics Important?

Travel clinics in Chislehurst benefit the people of the local community that intend to travel internationally.

In a pre-travel consultation, our travel clinician understands your risk of contracting diseases using your medical history, immunisations from the past, current health status, and their knowledge of your destination and any stops you will make along the way.

This is why it is important to bring your ongoing prescriptions, immunisation documents, a detailed itinerary for the trip, details of who is travelling with you, and plans of all activities you intend to participate in. Our travel health expert will need as much information as you can give them to predict and assess every possible risk beforehand.

Usually, your first pre-travel appointment is concluded by the clinician drawing up a schedule for the necessary immunisations. Common vaccines that precede travel are against typhoid, malaria, Yellow fever, rabies, and hepatitis A.

Extensive information on internet databases gives travel clinics access to the latest medical risks in any location worldwide. Travel clinic in Bromley use this resource to conduct risk assessments for each client. However, you must ask the travel clinician how to stay in touch with them throughout your trip.

Travel vaccinations are generally administered over a period of few weeks. This is why it is important to book an appointment at least six to eight weeks before your travel. We may accommodate requests for last minute appointments in case you need to travel internationally on a short notice.

Stay Safe and Healthy While Travelling with Pond Pharmacy!

Getting assistance from travel medicine professionals is a far better decision than visiting local medical centres at your destination every time you feel a symptom coming on or every time you are worried about exposure and simply want to be cautious.

Contact us for more information or book an appointment today for travel vaccination services, and don’t let your health pay the price!


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