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How Can Individuals Prepare For Safe and Healthy Travel?

How Can Individuals Prepare For Safe and Healthy Travel?

With the main and largest waves of the coronavirus behind us, the world now lives in almost perpetual fear of another deadly pandemic. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, travel medicine has boomed as a field in terms of public knowledge and practical skills of travel medicine professionals. The average traveller is now aware of far better disease prevention practices than they did just a few years ago.

Travel clinics also operate more actively worldwide, just like our travel clinic in Chislehurst!

Plan Ahead

In the ideal scenario, a person should consult their physician and discuss their upcoming trip with them at least six weeks before departure. If the traveller books a pre-travel appointment with our travel clinic easily accessible from Bromley, Chislehurst, Mottingham, they receive quality medical guidance and professional attention. The patient can be admitted into immunisation programmes with the ideal timeline and have better long-term protection against many diseases by their departure.

Get a Health Check-Up Before Leaving

Suppose the trip is not foreseeable six or more weeks from departure. In that case, travellers are still strongly recommended to get pre-travel appointments with their doctors or a specialised travel clinic. For this appointment, give the doctor a detailed history of any and all medical conditions that are ongoing or have affected you in the past. Allergic reactions take centre stage at this point.

Ask the doctor to prescribe freelyand pack all the medicines they prescribe. If you are pregnant, lactating, or suspecting pregnancy, share this with the doctor and be willing to cancel the tour altogether if the doctor thinks it could be too dangerous for you.

Pack a First-Aid Kit and Necessary Medications

Besides the pre-travel appointment, ensure your luggage includes a medical kit always within reach. This kit should include epinephrine pens, insulin pens for diabetic travellers, inhalers for asthmatics, antihistamines, cough suppressants, sleep aid pills, alcoholic antiseptics, cotton swabs, and face masks.

It is wise also to get a prescription for antibiotics against travellers’ diarrhoea and malaria. Reach out to a travel medicine centre, like our travel clinic in Mottingham, for more help and guidance in packing so you can get to your destination without contracting any diseases.

Prepare Necessary Documents and Vaccinations

Lastly, pack any medical certificates, vaccination cards, and your regular travel documents.

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Prepare for your next trip by contacting our team of healthcare experts for personalised travel advice and healthcare assistance. Don’t compromise your health while travelling.

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