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Discuss the benefits of getting flu vaccinations.

flu vaccinationWithout vaccines, several potentially dangerous would be much more widespread in our communities, including the flu. The flu is a virus that can be prevented with the yearly flu jab. People require a new flu vaccine each year because flu strains change and evolve over time, meaning previous vaccines may not be effective against the current strain.

The flu can be very dangerous, for both vulnerable people and those who are otherwise healthy. Thousands of people are admitted each year to hospital because of the flu and many of these people may end up dying from flu-related complications.

Benefits of the Flu Vaccine

One of the main benefits of the flu vaccine is that once you’re vaccinated, you’re not only protecting yourself but the community at large. The flu jab reduces the spread of the virus and protects those who are considered high risk as well as those who are unable to get the vaccine. People considered high risk include the elderly, very young children, and people with certain health conditions.

Another benefit to the flu jab is that the fewer people who have the flu, the fewer people will be seeking flu treatment at hospitals and GP surgeries. This reduces pressure on our already straining NHS.

No vaccines are 100% effective so it is possible to contract the flu after getting the vaccine. However, the flu jab will significantly reduce the severity of your symptoms. Flu symptoms tend to come on quickly and intensely, often completely stopping you in your tracks. If you get the jab, though, your symptoms will be less severe and you’ll recover more quickly.

It’s also important to note that as society gets back to normal, we’re once again being exposed to common viruses like colds and flus. If you get the flu at the same time as covid, your body and immune system will be under significant strain, making you more susceptible to complications.

Flu Vaccination Services from Pond Pharmacy 

Most adults aren’t eligible for free flu jabs through the NHS, but you can get a quick, effective, and affordable appointment through Pond Pharmacy. We are proud to provide flu vaccination services in Chislehurst and Mottingham. Protect yourself and your loved ones today by booking an appointment for our flu vaccination services in Bromley.


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