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Covid vaccines are based on the principle of immunisation

Covid Vaccinations

Covid-19 affected the activity of the whole world and put a stop to our everyday life. However, thanks to the Covid vaccine, the world is back to normal. The vaccination helps our body develop immunity against the virus that causes the illness, allowing it to build immunity against it. And so it prevents the person from severe complications of the virus.

How does the covid vaccination work?

Various types of vaccines work differently to offer protection to the person. However, the common thing about all vaccinations is that it provides your body with a small amount of T and B lymphocytes; hence when your body comes in contact with the virus later, it knows how to fight it.

Sometimes a person can develop symptoms such as fever or fatigue, which happens as a process of building immunity after the vaccination.

A body producing T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes can take a few weeks; hence, the person can catch the Covid-19 virus as the vaccination didn’t have enough time to develop.

Types of covid vaccination

You might find the different vaccines at different covid vaccination services. Currently, there are two main vaccine types: mRNA and protein subunits. Both help our body recognise the virus and learn to fight against it.

mRNA vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna)

The mRNA vaccine uses the mRNA created in the laboratory, which helps our cells learn how to make a piece of protein that can help trigger the immune response inside our bodies. This immune response helps in developing antibodies and helps us protect against Covid-19.

Protein subunit vaccines (Novavax)

Protein subunit vaccines contain pieces or proteins of the virus that cause Covid-19. These are spike proteins; the vaccine also contains another ingredient that helps the immune system respond to the virus. Once the body knows how to react to the protein, it can quickly fight against the virus once infected.

Covid vaccination services in the UK

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