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Covid Vaccinations are Important for the Prevention of Disease

Covid VaccinationsVaccinations play an integral role in maintaining the health of the general public. This is because vaccines can effectively prevent the transmission of various deadly diseases, such as polio, HPV, chicken pox, and COVID-19.

Getting vaccinated is your best chance to lower the risk of COVID-19 infection and live a healthy life. Additionally, vaccines are an excellent way to eliminate diseases from the community and restrict the virus from creating new mutants. You can contact Pond Pharmacy for COVID vaccinations services.

How Does the Vaccine work?

Vaccines help people build immunity to protect the individual against any virus or germ. But how?

There are spikes of protein located on the outer surface of each Covid-causing coronavirus. Once the virus enters the host’s body, it moves along the surface of the cells and latches to the receptor protein on the cells. The DNA or RNA of the virus enters the cells and begins reproducing the virus.

Most of the COVID-19 vaccines are developed to recognize the spike proteins and fight the virus. This way, the vaccines protect individuals from getting seriously ill or hospitalised.

The Vaccines Lower Your Chances of Infection

Individuals who are already immunocompromised are already at a high risk of severe COVID illnesses, diseases, and death.

Although you may get infected after being vaccinated, the symptoms are not as severe and long-lasting. Plus, once a majority of the population becomes vaccinated, it reduces the likelihood of virus transmission. Therefore, the risk of infection is also significantly reduced. This phenomenon is known as herd immunity.

The Vaccine Can Protect You From Serious Diseases

Once you get jabbed, your body produces antibodies to fight the coronavirus. So, if you ever get exposed to the virus, the body’s immune system immediately attacks the virus and eliminates it.

Similarly, people who are chronically ill are also susceptible to the virus. This is because their immune system is weak and unprepared to combat another disease. Fortunately, you are unlikely to become severely ill if vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines and get a booster shot every few months.

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